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Headington quarry stone

Goldholme are privileged to own quarries of Clipsham and Ancaster Stone. The Stones that built Oxford was updated in May Oxford lies on the Great Jurassic Limestone belt in central southern England. It has a population ofA Norman castle was built from local quarry stone in the 11 th Century.

Oxford became a city in raising its status from that of medieval town. The first University was built in the 12 th Century. The relationship between scholar and the local people remained tense. A further incident known as the St Scholastic Day riot killed 93 people in The stone that built Oxford was as simple over the last years as it was for the first six hundred years.

The intervening years were ones of trial and error as the Oxford Architects and specifier had lost direction over previously used building stone types. One thing was certain in that any building stone used across Oxford would have to be oolitic limestone from the Jurassic period in order to match those that had been used before. The Oxford stones detailed below are in more or less date order and consist of those for building Architectural work and a brief chapter on roofing stones.

What is not widely known about Oxford Architecture is that virtually all the stones ever used were in a state of physical and chemical decays. The principle reasons given are atmospheric pollution including soot. The use of inappropriate stone building materials, deficient craftsmanship and in more recent years Acid Rain. Acid Rain was first identified in the 17 th century by John Evelyn and so named in by Robert Angus Smith when it was identified that sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides present in the atmosphere by coal burning and in more recent years exhaust fumes were carried by rain, fog, sleet, snow and dew.

This reacted with calcium compounds within the stones creating gypsum which simply flaked off over time. Such has been the deterioration to the Oxford stones that much of the original stone masonry has been completely re-cladded in replacement stone, some of the buildings twice.

The earliest masonry used to build Oxford was described as local Oxford stone. This was extracted wherever it could be found from the immediate locality. Also Cotswold stone which was brought into the area from around the yearup until the early s, some continue to be used to the present day.

headington quarry stone

Wheatley Quarry was situated approximately 9km to the west of Oxford and supplied Merton College as early as This supply however soon gave way to the much closer Headington Stone.

In the late 14 th Century Headington Stone was first discovered situated approximately 4 kilometres to the west of the town centre. Headington was made up of several individual quarries.

The principle owners being the Townsend Family and would supply the stones which built Oxford for several hundred years.Headington stone is a limestone from the Headington Quarry area of OxfordEngland. Around million years ago, during the Late Jurassic period, Britain was located further south and was submerged beneath a subtropical sea. The warm conditions meant that coral reefs could flourish.

When the coral died, it was buried under successive layers of sediment and other debris. After millions of years, this became fossilized. Historically, there were a number of stone quarries in Headington Quarry.

Headington stone was traditionally used for a number of the older Oxford University college buildings. Instone from quarrying in Headington was used to build the bell-tower for New College. It was also used for Oxford's city walls. Headington stone was particularly good for building since it can be cut in any direction and thus carved relatively easily. Later stone extracted from the quarry was of less good quality, for example, that used to build the lower part of the Radcliffe Camera.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links.Headington Quarry is a residential district of OxfordEngland, located east of Headington and west of Risinghurstjust inside the Oxford ring road in the east of the city. To the south is Wood Farm.

Today the district is also known colloquially as " Quarry ". Headington Quarry was designated a conservation area [11] inand the Friends of Quarry [12] is a residents' association which aims to preserve the distinctive character of the Conservation Area and its immediate neighbourhood.

The school building is conservation listed.

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Headington Quarry is noted for its array of narrow, winding roads and alleyways; for the undulating terrain on which houses have been built as a result of the quarrying that took place; and for the significant amount of greenspace in the area.

On 27 Julya blue plaque was unveiled at her former home to commemorate her. Headington Quarry had a number of stone quarries. Headington stone was also used for the foundations and walls of All Souls College in the first half of the fifteenth century, [18] and then in the s by Cardinal Wolsey to build his Cardinal College now Christ Church.

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Location within Oxfordshire. South East. Oxford East. Main article: Headington stone. Retrieved 20 November Oxford City Council. Archived from the original PDF on 14 November Retrieved 27 June Archived from the original on 10 July Retrieved 3 September University of Oxford.

headington quarry stone

Retrieved 4 April Walker, Simon.Map of showing four surviving quarries in the village. Were it not for the pits, Headington Quarry village would be on fairly flat ground; instead it is built in a rabbit warren of hollows and waste heaps.

When the quarries were flourishing there was only one road in Quarry, namely the present Beaumont Road, which continued into Green Road formerly known as Toot Hill Buttsand this in turn provided access to the Old London Road and from the end of the eighteenth century to the new one too.

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Hence Beaumont Road stands higher than the rest of the village, as no quarrying was done there. All the other roads in the village, such as Quarry High Street and New Cross Road, were just cart-tracks leading to the pits.

Headington stone was the main construction material for many Oxford buildings from the end of the fourteenth to the middle of the eighteenth century. Quarrying in Headington started in earnest inwhen New College built its bell-tower from Headington stone.

The stone would have been dislodged by means of a puggle a flat spear-headed piece of steel on a long pole, the only method of quarrying until the late nineteenth centuryand medieval carters would have brought the stone down to New College in 1, loads via the present Beaumont Road, Green Road, Old Road and Cheney Lane. Another 6, loads of stone came by this route when All Souls College was built between and Headington provided the ragstone, which was mainly used for the foundations and walls.

In October the college leased a quarry in Headington from Edmund Rede, and quarried its own stone. A gang of seven local stonecutters under Thomas Brackley squared and trimmed the stone in Headington before transportation to Oxford, where more skilled masons had a yard on the college site where they worked the stone. Around this same time, Headington stone was also being used for the building of the Divinity School. In a quarry in Headington was leased for the construction of the new Brasenose College.

By the s nine Oxford colleges owned quarries in Headington. Oxford colleges preferred getting their stone from Headington rather than further afield as it obviously reduced transportation costs, but even for this short distance they had to pay a delivery charge of between 4 d. By the seventeenth century, Headington stone was being used for every known Oxford building, including the Bodleian Schools quadrangle.

It was during this period of frenetic quarrying that the hamlet of Headington Quarry started to grow up around the pits.

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One of the reasons for the Act of for making the Thames navigable as far as Oxford was to allow Headington stone to be transported to London. In Robert Plot p. Come we next to Formed Stones that resemble the parts of Four Footed beasts, whereof we meet of one sort in the Quarries of Heddington, set in the Body of the Stone, the most like to the Head of a Horse of any thing I can think of; having the Ears, and Crest of the Mane appearing between them, the places of the Eyes suitably prominent, and the rest of the Face entire, only the Mouth and Nostrils absent in them all….

These are plentifully enough found, and of divers Sizes, yet not mention'd that I know of by any Author, wherefore I have taken the Boldness to fit them with a Name, and in Imitation of other Authors in the like Case shall call them Hippocephaloides.

By the mid-eighteenth century, the major disadvantage of Headington freestone — that it eroded badly over time — was recognized, and from this period it was only used in places where it would not show. The Headington hardstone, which was used for New College bell-tower, proved more durable. The multiplicity of new buildings, as well projected as in actual progress, in and near Oxford, and the extensive demand for stone from these quarries from distant places, must ensure to them for many years a brisk and never-failing trade; and they undoubtedly offer to persons in that line a most advantageous opportunity of a profitable establishment.

The Quarries may be entered upon immediately. For terms and further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Taunton, Oxford.

Many of the stones used to build the walls along the alleyways of Quarry are made of local Coral rag and contain fossils. The pictures above and below are of Headington stonemasons. Raymond Jacobs is second from the left in the second row down on the top picture, and seated on the extreme right in the second picture. Can anyone name any of the other men? Pictures donated by Ian Garrett.Join us on Saturdays, 9am - 2pm.

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Headington stone

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headington quarry stone

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headington quarry stone

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Headington Quarry

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